Girls Brigade

42nd Company Castleknock

The Motto - Seek, Serve and Follow Christ

Aim - To help girls become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, through self control, reverence and a sense of responsibility to find the true enrichment of life.

The Crest - In the centre, a cross a symbol of Christ and his church. Below it a lamp, that our light may shine out upon the world. Above it a crown, that we may own Christ as our king. And behind it all a flame, of Christ's loving spirit and our devotion to him.

DID YOU KNOW  The very first Girls' Brigade originated in Dublin and the very first overseas Girls' Brigade was started in Jamaica, 1923.

Chaplain: Rev. Paul Houston
Captain: Olive Good
Venue: Castleknock Parish Centre

Company Numbers





Total in Company:


Age Groups and Sections



Meeting Time


Tiny Tots

3 - 4 yrs.

Sat 10:00 am to 11:15 pm

These girls are in their pre-school years


5 - 8 yrs.

Sat 10:00 am to 12 midday

Explorers are in their first years of schooling


9 - 11 yrs.

Wed. 7pm - 9pm

Juniors are girls in the Primary School Grades Companies may divide there girls into two groups being Mini and Advanced Juniors.


12 - 13 yrs.

Wed. 7pm - 9pm

Seniors are girls in their first years of Secondary School.


14 - 17 yrs.

Wed. 7pm - 9.30pm

Brigaders are girls in the middle years of Secondary school and above. Girls may remain as Brigaders until their 18th birthday.




Leaders are Christian women of all ages, who have a love for young people and are interested in sharing both their knowledge and their love for God with the youth of today. The Leaders are appointed by the Local Church

A Brief History

THE GIRLS' BRIGADE was formed in Dublin in 1893. It was founded on the twin pillars of Bible Class and Physical Training and was made up of three separate organisations.

  1. Girls' Brigade
  2. Girls' Guildry
  3. Girls' Life Brigade

Its aim was " the extension of Christ's kingdom among girls.
Each organisation fulfilled a similar role, and in 1965 all three came together as a single unit called The Girls' Brigade. The Girls' Brigade crest was made up from a part of each organisation's badge. It depicts a flaming torch on top of a cross and underneath a lamp burns. The crest is the only part of the uniform that is worn in every country. The motto of The Girls' Brigade is "Seek, Serve and Follow Christ".

The Girls' Brigade is an organisation of local groups known as Companies. Each Company must be affiliated to a Church or Mission of an approved Christian denomination. Girls' Brigade is a weekly activity for girls. The program includes badgework, games, craft, music and devotions.

The History of The 42nd Company Castleknock

The company was founded in 1987 with Hilary Nason as Captain and Rev. Cecil Bryan as Chaplain. There were 46 members that first year -

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The First Enrollment Service

This number has grown and we now have 68 members.

We have a wide variety of activities and the girls are encouraged to participate in all of them. There are annual competitions in some of these activities, and we enter as many girls as possible to encourage teamwork and maintain a standard, as well as meeting girls from other companies. Our emphasis has always been on friendship, enjoyment and having fun in Girl's Brigade. Sally Darlington took over as captain in 1999 and she along with her leaders are very committed to The Girl's Brigade. She has been succeeded by Ros Garrett in 2008.

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