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The Club has been in existence since 1945 and is one of the oldest clubs participating in the Churches Table-Tennis League. On January 23rd 1945 a group of people got together to discuss the possibilities of forming a club in the parish. On that evening the group was led by Miss Hall, The Matron of Mercers School, Mr. & Mrs. Weir, teachers in the parish National School and Mr. R. Galway. Also in attendance were Misses J. Bloomer, S. Harrison and C. Bishop along with Messers W.J. Acheson, H. Acheson, W.H. Acheson, R. Acheson, T. Bishop and S. McConnell.

The first objective for the new club was to obtain a table. Responding to an advert in the local paper a table was bought for £4 from Mr. S. Latimer of Sandycove. With the table purchased and Thursday nights in the National School booked, the club was officially launched on the March 20th at 7.30 pm.

Castleknock & The League

It was during the 1945-46 that the club became affiliated to the Irish Table-Tennis Association. Immediately receiving a ration allowance of 5 villa balls along with 20 other balls. Paltry some by the standards of today, but none the less greatly received.

Over the next few years the club grew in both numbers and stature. By 1948 the club had started to meet on Tuesday nights as well as Thursday nights. Also in that year a new member had joined the club - Miss Joy Anderson, who went on to represent Ireland on many occasions.

In the season of 1948-49, it was decided the club should enter the Church of Ireland League, playing in Division 4. The records show that while the results were not very good the after match suppers were great - a tradition which lives on.

The report on the club's first league match against St. John's in Coolock shows that the club lost it by three games to six. The real story of this match was the fact that the team did not arrive home until 1 o'clock in the morning. The reason being that the team had to cycle home with a strong wind blowing into their faces and some of the men were carrying ladies on the crossbars - they truly were pioneers!

From the late fifties through to the seventies Castleknock T.T.C. grew and became recognised as one of the teams to beat. Today although not still at the very top of the league, the club is still going. However, it is now in Division 2 of the United Churches Table-Tennis League (formed when the Church of Ireland League merged with the Methodist and Presbyterian Leagues).

Of course it was not just the adults who were at it. In the 1980 season the Club started a junior section. The 1990-91 season of the U.C.T.T.L. Junior League saw Castleknock's Juniors win all the age groups in the league.

The Club Today

The Club re-opens each year on the first Monday in September and meets every Monday Night at 8 pm.

So whether you have played the game before or not it does not matter. Why not come along and give it a try? If nothing else, it's a great way to get exercise! For more information, contact the Parish Office.

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