Castleknock Sunday Club

Sunday Schools first started in order to provide basic education - reading, writing and instruction in the Christian Faith - for children who in the midst of the Industrial Revolution were working during the week, and therefore, Sunday was the only day for education. Now things are a lot different, but the challenges, demands and opportunities facing our children in the today and the future fast-changing world have never been greater. Children still need basic tools for decision-making and making choices. We believe as Christians that the Christian faith offers a way for them to follow.

It is our responsibility as parents and as a Church to give them the opportunities we ourselves were given by passing on the faith. The Church seeks to support your primary role as Christian educators in the home by its youth organisations and with Sunday Club.

Our Sunday Club Logo is a tree being pushed upwards by a growing person. Sunday Club helps us to grow in the faith. The tree is a symbol of growth and maturity. In the Bible the tree is used to refer to the cross of Jesus Christ, and reminds us of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Castleknock and Clonsilla Sunday Clubs have about 70 children registered with both clubs. This year our Video Club leader Beryl Stone prepared workbooks in conjunction with the Living Stones series of textbooks that the leaders are using to teach the children. The Living Stones Books follows the weekly readings of the Revised Common Lectionary (Principal Service) over a three-year cycle, so that the whole church will have the same common experience.

Sunday Club begins at the same time as the Church Service. The children meet at 11.25am at The Parish Centre in Castleknock. The children then come into Church during the Sharing of the Peace at approx 12.05 to join the rest of their family in the pew. Then everyone can come together to the Communion rails, so that we celebrate The Eucharist as the whole family of God together.

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