Brownies LogoThe Castleknock Brownie unit reopened in December 2004. Brownie Guides are aged between 6½ and 11 years old and are junior members of the Irish Girl Guides.

We have fun while learning to help others. We play games, carry out activities from our footprints, sing songs, drama, learn about people from other countries.

But it is not like school as we learn through fun and doing activities. We can get lots of badges. The first is the enrolment pin and the six emblem. Then we work on footprints. At the same time we earn interest badges such as craft, hostess etc.

After you have been to 6 - 8 meetings it will be time for you to make a very special Promise. You will then be a member of a huge family of Guides all over the world who have made a similar Promise and you will be given your Brownie badge to wear on your sash.

The Pack is made up of Sixes - a group of usually 6 friends who play and do things together or with other Sixes in the Pack. Each Six has a Sixer and a Seconder who help to run the Six. The Sixes have special names such as Pixies, Elves, Gnomes. Each Sixes have there own emblems and songs.

All Brownies wear uniforms to show that they are members of The Irish Girl Guides. In other countries Brownies wear uniforms too - some rather like ours and some very different.

We meet once a week during school term time on a Thursday evening between 6.45 and 8pm. As well as the weekly meetings there may also be special activities.

How Brownies got their name

At first, when the Girl Guides were started only older girls could belong. But, very soon, younger girls wanted to join. They wanted to do the same interesting things that the older girls were doing. The name chosen for these new younger Guides was Rosebuds.

The girls did not really like the name - all rosebuds do is look pretty and smell sweet. So Lord Baden-Powell, who started both scouts and guides, thought about it.

He remembered the fairy tales he had read when he was a young boy. In the stories there were magical people who were called brownies. The brownies were happy little people who helped others.

Lord Baden Powell decided that he had found the perfect name for the younger Guides. Of course Brownies was the new name and this time the girls were very pleased.

The Brownie Guide Promise


I promise to do my best,
To do my duty to God and my country
To help those at home everyday,
And to obey the Brownie Guide Law

Geallaim mo dhicheall a dheanamh
Chun mo dhualgas a dheanamh os comhair De agus mo thire
Daoine eile a chabhru chuile la
Agus bheith dilis as an Brownie dli threoir

Brownie Guide Law

The Brownie Guide Law

A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself and does a Good Turn every day

Smaoinionn an Bhrownie faoi daoine eile sula smaoinionn si fuithi fein
Agus deanann si gniomh fiuntach chuile la

The Brownie Guide Motto

Lend A Hand

Bi cabhrach

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